First Wednesday of every month. Orders must be received by 6 pm the Monday prior to the first Wednesday of the month.
Use the "Buyers Club Order Form" link on the left of this page. Username and password are required and will be given to you once you are approved to join the buying club. Please include a somewhat detailed description of the product on the line called "product name" on the order form. The details that are important are Brand, Flavor and Size (if there are many options).
Pick up order at the store sometime after 1 pm on the Wednesday that the order comes in.
What are the parameters?
Each customer must have a minimum order of $300. The pricing you will receive is (Cost + 15%) on cases and (Retail - 10%) on single items. If you purchase items that include a "Btl. Tax" (which is UNFI's term for CRV) we will additionally charge that amount at no discount. We will provide you with a UNFI book at the beginning of joining the Buying Club so that you can look up the products and order numbers that you would like to purchase. We will only update the books on occasion so remember that the prices that are listed in the book you are using will most likely not be the current prices, instead they are only an estimate
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